Bad News, Gigabytes…

Hey, what’s up, gigabytes? Mimi Minecraft & Gaming here, with some not so great news… I had my phone taken away… Again… For about the 5oth time… I’m SOOO sorry gigabytes! I don’t even know what I did wrong this time!! My mom just told me “Give me your phone” and I gave it to her and then she went to hide it! I honestly have NO clue what I did wrong! I wasn’t doing ANYTHING wrong! But once again, my phone has been taken away… 😦 *cries in my closet* #MimiSaysSorry! I’m SOOO sorry, gigabytes!

On the bright side, I’m starting something new on this blog! It’s going to be called “Hashtag of the Day!” Every day, I will post a Hashtag of the Day on this blog! I’m pretty sure you can guess what today’s hashtag is… #MimiSaysSorry

Once again, I’m REALLY sorry everyone! Once you read this post, please spread the word to others who watch my channel, since I can’t post a video about it… Excuse me while I go cry in my closet… *goes to my closet to cry* 😦

~Mimi Minecraft & Gaming


2 thoughts on “Bad News, Gigabytes…

    • As long as you try to earn back your phone as soon as possible, I’m alright. Good luck with getting back your phone! I can’t wait to see a new video, once you get the chance!


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