Hashtag of the Day – #28


(This is an inside joke, gigabytes, just so you know! Lololol)

Lololol! XD *laughs* Okey-dokey, this is an inside joke, gigabytes! And I shall explain it to you! While I was on vacation in North Carolina, there was no wifi at my grandparents’ house. Nor did I even get FREAKING DECENT CELL SERVICE!!! In fact, I didn’t get cell service AT ALL!! 😦 *frowns* Anyway, so I was DESPERATE for some internet sooo… I walked quite a bit away from my grandparents’ house, on my own, looking for some cell service… 🙂 *smiles* It was actually quite fun, to be honest! Lolol! XD *laughs* Anyway, I found some cell service, turned on mobile data, and used the internet for a bit! Afterwards, I headed back to my grandparents’ house. Once I got there, I STILL had mobile data working, sooo… I turned on my mobile hotspot and I PROVIDED WIFI TO EVERYONE~!!!!! Lololol! XD 😀 *laughs* And that is the story behind this hashtag!


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