Want To Request For Me To Record Something?

Hey, what’s up, gigabytes? Mimi Minecraft & Gaming here~! 😉 🙂 *smiles happily & waves hello* I’m going to get RIGHT to the point of this blog post!

I need you ALL to request AS MANY VIDEO IDEAS AS POSSIBLE!!!

I’ve recently been having a complete mind-blank when it comes to recording YouTube videos… 😦 *cries inside & pouts* I don’t know what to do for brand-new YouTube videos, for example: which video games to play for a gaming video, what fanfictions to read for a Fanfiction Reading video, what videos I should react to in a reaction video, and the list goes on & on.

Thus, to fix this problem, I have created a couple of pages on this blog of mine, where you can request specific/special things for me to do in a YouTube video! Here are the links to get to these EXTREMELY IMPORTANT pages:

YT Video Requests
Fanfiction Reading Requests
Reaction Video Requests
Minecraft Fun Episode Requests

So please do me a HUGE favor & go check out these pages, and request a TON of videos!! It would be GREATLY appreciated! 🙂 *smiles, hoping for a TON of requests* Please & thank chu~! 🙂 *smiles* Anyway, that’s it for this blog post! Don’t forget to request a CRAP-TON of videos!! 🙂 *smiles hopefully* Please & thank chu~! See you later & peace out~! BYE~! 😉 🙂 😀 *smiles happily & waves goodbye*

~Mimi Minecraft & Gaming
AKA Mimi14Senpai


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