Reblogged: Minea – A BIG FLIPPIN’ UPDATE!

Let’s wish the absolutely BEST of luck to Aggie Kopp on her Minea series~! 😉 🙂 *smiles happily & winks* Good luck, Aggie~!!! If you need ANY help, I’ll GLADLY lend you a hand! 🙂 *smiles happily*
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Aggie here with some good NEWSSSS!!! And possibly bad news…

BAD NEWS FIRST! as usual….

KK! The bad news is– Whenever we record voices and bodies for Minea, it takes a LOT of time and effort. Some of the people who I thought were all for it, haven’t been answering emails, and/or voice acting at ALL. So basically there is (let’s call him:) Mr. Hiscane (Jeremy, Horace, Derrick), Suni (August), Big Sis (Rose, Icarus, Gilan, Mrs. Mustache), Timber (Dayna, Erin, maybe Demeter Yavanna), Lil Sis (Penelope), maybe Seth if I force him XD that’s what bff’s are for (Jose, Customer Guy and other small parts), my Dad (Wayne), maybe my Grandpa (Argareon), MY BFFLil Bro 1 (Afro Bob, Hooni), Lil Bro 2 (Hanni), and me (Joy, Mr. Mustache, Halt, any other small parts).

So what I am saying is that once I get all of the voices and body acting done…

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