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Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness!!!!! XD *laughs hysterically* Lol!! This post is absolutely HILARIOUS~!!! XD *dies of laughter* If you’re as much as a Harry Potter fanatic (like me), you will absolutely (Reposted from: SauceBox BLOG @ WordPress)

Sauce Box

Just a quick story from a while back.

So, my dog is a Siberian Husky. She is gray and black on the top of her head and all down her back and tail. The rest of her body is a very bright white, including her face. She is a runner, one of the fastest animals I’ve ever seen, and when you give her an inch of daylight, she will bolt like an escaped prisoner. She got out of our backyard multiple times when I was a kid, and sometimes it would take us hours to track her down. (Crazy, I know)

She has a collar with a dog tag that has our phone number on it so if someone happens to find her, they can call us.

So, one day, my little cousin is over at our place. He happens to find a Sharpie and decides to have some fun with my dog…

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