Mother’s Day is Coming Soon~!!

Happy-Mothers-Day-1Hey, what’s up, gigabytes? MimiPlayz here~! 😉 🙂 *smiles & waves hello* Guess what~! 😀 *excited face* Mother’s Day is coming VERY soon!! YAY~!!! 🙂 😀 *smiles excitedly* Mother’s Day is coming up in TWO days (excluding today)! Have any of you planned/decided on your gift(s) for your mother? I have!!!!! 🙂 😀 *smiles proudly* But, I’m NOT telling you what I’m giving my mom YET! 🙂 😉 *smiles & winks* I’ll tell you what I got for my mom on the ACTUAL DAY of Mother’s Day, so you’ll have to wait until then!

But, in case you have absolutely NO CLUE what to get for YOUR mother, I’ve created a post on one of my other blogs (LINK TO MY 2ND BLOG), giving you all ideas + tips for Mother’s Day~! YAY~!!! 🙂 😀 *smiles happily & throws confetti* I REALLY hope that this post helps some of you!! 😉 *hopeful face* Here’s the link:

* Link to Featured Post: LINK TO FEATURED BLOG POST

I would GREATLY appreciate it if you would check out that link above!! 🙂 *smiles, hopingHappy-Mothers-Day-2 to see a TON of views* If you DO check out the blog post, thank chu~!

Anyway, this is the end of this status post! I REALLY hope that you ALL have enjoyed~! 😉 *hopeful face* Don’t forget to leave a like, comment, subscribe to my YT channels, & follow my blog! See you later & peace out~! BYE~!!! 😉 🙂 😀 *waves goodbye*

Logging out of life:
~MimiPlayz (Mimi14Senpai)

AKA Mimi Minecraft & Gaming


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