Reposted: Mimi Playz x Jacksepticeye Fanfiction #1

Come check out this fanfiction that TyDaSenpai wrote for me!! 🙂 😀 *smiles happily* Thank you SOOO much, TyDaSenpai~! I REALLY appreciate it~!

Rule The World

(Mimi Playz x Jacksepticeye)
Written by: TyDaSenpai

(Note: This is a fanfiction dedicated to the AMAZING YouTuber, Mimi Playz, for her to read in Fanfiction Reading! You’re amazing, Mimi!!) 

Mimi-Playz-Profile-Picture-1“There she is…” Seán (Jacksepticeye) thought to himself, as he gazed across the school courtyard. There, sitting on a bench, surrounded with her friends, was his crush. Who? Well, none other than Minah (Mimi Playz), or more commonly known as Mimi.

Her light skin was a soft cream color. Her shoulder-length, golden-brown locks of hair shone in the sunlight. Her black eyeglasses slipping down her nose, with her slender hands occasionally pushing them back up. Her gigantic, oversized, gray hoodie covering her petite, skinny frame. Her adorable giggles echoed through the courtyard, mixing in with her friends’ laughs + voices.

Seán smiled softly at the sight of her happy face. “Oooooh~! Jack has a crush on Minahhh~!” Seán’s best friend…

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